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Assistance for victims of crime

In certain cases, the court can appoint an aggrieved party counsel, usually an advokat, to help a victim of a crime. The aggrieved party counsel will protect your interests and can, for example, present your claim for damages in the criminal case if the prosecutor does not do so.

You can get aggrieved party counsel if you are a victim of crime (aggrieved party) and have been exposed to, for example, a sexual offence, assault, unlawful deprivation of liberty, robbery or other crime for which imprisonment may be imposed on the person who committed the offence.

The court will appoint aggrieved party counsel. The court can only do this after a preliminary investigation has been initiated. Aggrieved party counsel receives payment from the State and will not cost you anything. If the accused is sentenced for the offence, he or she may have to repay the costs for aggrieved party counsel to the State.

Contact the court if you want to know more.

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