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Special representative for children

In a case where a custodian, or anyone who is a custodian, has a close relationship with a person suspected of committing an offence against a child, the child may get a 'special representative'.

The special representative shall, instead of the child's custodian, protect the child's rights during the preliminary investigation and during the trial. He or she will be an advokat who satisfies certain requirements regarding suitability. This special representative will be paid by the State and will not cost the child anything. If the person charged is sentenced for the offence, he or she may have to repay the costs for the special defence counsel to the State.

The prosecutor will apply to the court for a special representative for children. The court can temporarily (in the interim) appoint a special representative without the custodian getting to know about it, if this is necessary to protect the rights of the child.

Contact the prosecutor or court if you want to find out more.

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